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1612 Project and Portfolio III

This month I decided to take a concept by Benedict Neoh ( and bring it fully rendered into 3D.

Anti Material Rifle, Concept by Benedict Neoh

Nathan lucci blockoutclean

Week 1: Block out rendered with two point lighting scheme (key and rim) in Arnold.

Nathan lucci milestone2materials

Week 2: geometry clean up, bevels, UVs and Materials roughed out in Arnold.

Nathan lucci checkers

Texel density and UV stretch check

Nathan lucci coloridrender

Color IDs for basing masks in Quixel suite 2.0

Nathan lucci outuv

This is the first time I've done a UV unwrap on a truly detailed model. I'm quite happy with how it came out.

Nathan lucci dwagons

Week 3: Materials, this is the second attempt.

Nathan lucci screen04

Third shot at materials and final render, decided to go for a more painted look.

Nathan lucci screen03
Nathan lucci screen01